Root Down Ashi Box Unboxing

The root chakra is the red energy center located at the base of the spine. It’s referred to as Muladhara in Sanskrit and is the first chakra. Muladhara is our root chakra, and affects our right to be here, our security, and our connection with our physical body. The root chakra is associated with the earth and fall is a great time to work on balancing and healing this energy center. The changing weather and colors, in conjunction with the fall harvest provide an example of the importance of grounding, creating deep roots, and our connection to mother earth as a source of strength. Learn more with the Root Down Ashi Box, which includes the following items:

Tucketts Yoga Socks – Tucketts are the perfect accessory to keep you warm and grounded in the cooler temperatures. With the non-slip sole and free toes you are set for all the grounding yoga poses you’ll be doing this fall.

Black Tourmaline Black tourmaline serves to protect, ground, and transform negative energy. To cleanse it run it under cold water, place it in the sun for an hour, or leave it out under the full moon. Once it’s clean you’ll want to charge it with your intention. One way to do this is to hold it in your hand, picture light around it, and say, “I dedicate this crystal to the highest good of all, may it be used in light and love. I program this crystal for ____.” Then place it in your sacred space, carry it with you, or keep it near your computer or other electronics where it will absorb electromagnetic energy. Clean it again when it begins to look dull.

Turmeric and Sandalwood Face Pack – Turmeric, which is a root spice, combined with the earthy scent of sandalwood create the perfect grounding combination found in this face pack. Mix with water or milk and apply to the face to increase suppleness and blood circulation, and bring out that healthy fall glow!

Ganesh Magnet – Ganesh is the God governing the root chakra. He is the remover of all obstacles and the one worshipped at the beginning of any new endeavor. With his elephant head and human body, he provides us with an example of being grounded, happy, and connected to our physical body.

Jackson’s Honest Sweet Potato Chips – Nourishing yourself is one of the most grounding things you can do, and root vegetables are the perfect food to eat this time of year. Indulge with these sweet potato chips made with coconut oil and a hint of sea salt.

Brass Diya (Deepak) and Wicks – Lighting a candle or being around a fire is a great cleansing, purifying and grounding activity. And with Diwali, the festival of lights, being celebrated October 30th we had to include a traditional Indian lamp. To light it, fill the diya with coconut or mustard oil and soak the entire wick in the oil. Bring just the tip out, light it and let it burn.

Root Chakra Roll-On – Balance your root chakra with this grounding blend of vetiver and bergamot essential oils in coconut oil. Apply generously!



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