Ashi Meaning

Ashi is an ancient word referring to something that can be attained. Simply put, it as an intention or focus as well as the outcome of a practice. Whether the desire is to attain peace of mind, increased patience, or back flexibility during practice, these become the Ashi.

What is an Ashi Box?

Ashi Box is all about yoga love, tradition, and joy! Each box has a theme and all items in the box will support the theme. Theme examples might be: “Groovin’ with Ganesh” – a taking-on-new-endeavors and jumping-through-hoops-gracefully box; or Meditation – with tips on creating sacred space, meditation techniques, and goodies to enhance your personal quiet time.

The basic formula looks like this: yoga sequence card to aid in your home practice; a book relating to theme; India love (perhaps a Ganges-blessed mala, deity statue, or copper pot); yoga/lifestyle products (think essential oils, tea, balms, or yoga straps). All this plus a surprise or two and you have the perfect Ashi Box – Deepening your practice, one box at a time!